Still figuring things out…


As you know, my family and I took a 100 days of real food pledge.  Well I am not sure what day we are on, but I know we have had tacos from the Mexican restaurant down the street many times.  Changing your eating habits in a world where food is enticing is EXTREMELY difficult.  It is also difficult to retrain your brain to make healthier eating choices. I am really struggling at the moment with my kids in particular.  Due to the fact, that before I started paying attention to what was fueling our bodies, my kids lived on the boxed, preservative filled, treats from the store.  I grew up eating them, so they must be okay.  WRONG!!!  It has really hit me this past year how much the food we eats affects the health of our bodies.  I have really started paying attention to diseases and such that are very common today that were not heard of 50 years ago.  

Where I messed up…

When I first decided that my family would take the pledge to 100 days of real food, I jumped head first without a paddle.  What I have realized now, is that you must take baby steps and change things slowly.  I was told this very piece of advice, but I didn’t heed the warning.  I have now stepped back and am proceeding in caution.  

Here are a few of the things that have changed so far:

*  Cut out all enriched white flour

*  Cut out high fructose corn syrup

* Have fruit and veggies at every meal

*  Cut out processed snacks  

The number one thing I have learned is to PAY ATTENTION and have AWARENESS!  Make healthy choices is how we should all aspire to live.  Good luck!  

Leave a comment or share the steps you are taking to live a healthy lifestyle.


About jjohnson527

Hi Ya'll! I am a South Texas girl that loves evenings on the porch, sweet tea, sunday dinners. I have a precious little boy who starts Kindergarten this year and a little princess who is 2. I have recently quit my job and have been focusing on my family more. I have become interested in cooking, baking, and saving money!

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