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100 days of Real Food


It has come to my attention that my family has been purging on “fake” food.  What I mean is, food that is not too healthy for ya.  Fast food, boxed food, food that contains major preservatives, yada-yada-yada.  We have taken a pledge of eating 100 days of Real Food (  I know this journey will not be easy, but I am hoping to stick with it and stay accountable through this blog.  

We started by cleaning out the cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer.  I threw away three bags of stuff… YIKES!!!  I did keep some stuff because I had just bought it, but I did throw out stuff we haven’t touched or that was way too perservativy (this is not a real world).  

Second, I went to Sprouts and bought whole wheat flour, real maple syrup, honey, rolled oats, whole wheat pasta,  lots of fruit, and veggies.  I already had some veggies at home, so I will make do with  what I have, and stock up as I go.  

I came home and immediately started a batch of whole wheat honey bread in the bread machine.  Man does my house smell good!!  

Here is the link to the recipe I used.

I also whipped up some whole wheat banana pancakes with sliced strawberries.  This was a big hit!  

I am half way through day 1 and I am not really hungry.  I am going to munch on some fruit, cheese, and chicken for lunch.  I haven’t figured out what is for dinner yet, but I will post later.