Monthly Archives: July 2011

Road Trip


My husband and I had a notion that we would take the little monsters to a water park about 3 hours away.  We decided that we would spend the night, thinking it would be easier to stay the night then pack the kids back in the car after being in the sun all day.  My plan was to leave the house around 8:30 in the morning, at 10:00 we were still in the city.  Trying to get the monsters out of the house is an almost impossible quest.       MG had to take 2 babies, a barbie, 3 snuggies, 3 binkies, a blanket, and her pillow pet.  MB had to bring a back pack of books, transformers, his blanket, his puppy, and his pillow pet.  After packing up their entire room ;), we were finally on the road.  Before we could even get 30 minutes out of town, we had already made 3 stops, and MG had  one arm concocted out of her car seat.  I was starting to have second thoughts about this fun filled trip we were about to embark on.   Good thing I had packed some snacks because every 10min. those two little monsters were wanting something else to eat.  I was happy to oblige as long as it kept them quiet.  The rest of the car ride went pretty smoothly.  Thank goodness for our portable DVD player, Toy Story and Transformers were our saving grace with MB.  The water park was fun, but it was hard to keep up with those little monsters at times.  Daddy decided to take MB on one of the big boy slides, so that meant I was nominated to stay with MG in the kiddie park.  MG would climb up the slides and then hide in the corner.  I had to ask several little kids to go up and rescue her.  She is a stubborn little thing though, really didn’t want to come down at all.  I am sure I was a sight, dancing around, trying to get her to come to momma.  Shoot. Me. Now.  I took her over to the lazy river, but it was not lazy by any means.  She didn’t want to just sit in the tube, no she wanted me to hold her arms and let her bounce on my legs while I walked.  (Hard visual, however, just know that it was more of an exercise, than a lazy jaunt in the river)  I was so thankful when Daddy and MB were coming back.  By this time I was ready to sit and have a rest, but the little monsters had other ideas.  They just played and played and played.  I knew it was time to go after I was sitting in the water and some kinda funk floated past me, yep that was enough public water fun for me….  We decided to head over to the hotel, Booking a hotel online after 4 glasses of mommy juice, not a good choice.   This hotel was more than disgusting.  I took one look at it, and told my husband that I could not stay there.  The room was hot as hades, the bed looked like it had dirty sheets, holes in the wall, torn chair….. you get the picture.  After driving around, we finally found a rather nice hotel, that I was much more content with.  Hubby says he will help with the booking next time… (it was the wine… I promise).  Needless to say, our little vacation notion turned into one heck of an adventure.