I need a vacation!


 I absolutely could not wait until summer.  I was feeling the teacher burn-out (all you teachers out there know what I mean).  Summer was calling my name.  Sleeping in, staying in my pajamas all day, eating when I wanted, coming and going as I pleased… wait a minute… I just remembered this must have been how summer was before the two little monsters that I call children were living in my house.  We will call these two little monsters BM (Boy Monster) and GM (Girl Monster).  My summer vacation now consists of the following…  getting woke up every morning by BM who finds his way into my bed nightly.  (I am not sure how many times I wake up in the middle of the night due to the aching pain that is pulsating through my arm because of the 80lb head that thinks my arm is his pillow.)  BM:  I want chocolate milk.  I want strawberries.  I want cartoons.  ME:  Really, because I would like to sleep 10 minutes longer, but that is not going to happen because your whining is the equavalent to my flipping alarm clock.  I groggily get up, get BM his chocolate milk, strawberries, and Scooby Do, settle back into my pillow, close my eyes, and fall asleep.  What seems like 5 min later (although I know it has to be longer, because Scooby is at least 30 minutes… right?)  BM:  Mom…… MoM…… MOM  ME:  What Baby?  I need more chocolate milk and a new cartoon.  Oh, well… I will get up now.  I will find my coffee and maybe, just maybe get to have half the cup in peace.   I get three sips of my coffee before I am running upstairs to get GM out of bed.  I walk in the room and find her sitting towards the back of the crib, blanket on her lap, looking all cute and innocent.  But the smell, that is radiating through the room is not innocent at all.  I turn on the light and what do I see… diaper on the floor.  ME:  GM what is that.  GM:  I dknow… (She is 2 and just starting to talk… a lot!)  ME:  Did you poop? GM:  No… ME:  Uh-huh I think you did…..  I proceed to remove her blanket, picked her up and realize that she has painted herself, the crib, the wall, her sheets, her blanket, her 5,000 snuggies, her pillow, her bunny… you get the point.  Well so much for enjoying my coffee…. The day proceeds in this way.. mismatch after mismatch, breaking up fights, cooking, cleaning up, cooking, cleaning up, etc.  I have now found myself counting down the minutes until my knight in shining armor… (aka… Hubby) comes home.  I need a break.  Wait a minute.. isn’t this suppose to be my break.  My summer vacation.  I think I need to go back to work… that I have decided is my real vacation.


About jjohnson527

Hi Ya'll! I am a South Texas girl that loves evenings on the porch, sweet tea, sunday dinners. I have a precious little boy who starts Kindergarten this year and a little princess who is 2. I have recently quit my job and have been focusing on my family more. I have become interested in cooking, baking, and saving money!

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